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Where to Buy Rapid COVID Tests in Georgia

With the recent rise in cases of coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and protected. Fortunately, there are several locations that sell rapid COVID tests across the state. No matter where you live in Georgia, there is likely an option near you for obtaining a rapid COVID test.

You can also purchase testing kits online via Rapid Test & Trace USA. We offer at- home COVID test in Georgia that can be mailed directly to your home. Once received, simply follow the instructions in the package and get the results without any delay with our rapid antigen testing kits.
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What is a self-test for COVID-19?

A self-test for COVID-19 is a simple and straightforward process that can help determine the presence of the virus in an individual. It involves taking a swab from your nose or throat and getting results on your own. You can also opt for a practical 1-on-1 rapid antigen test session via webcam where you will be guided by a trained healthcare professional, and the test results will be issued by email in 30 minutes or less.

COVID diagnosis testing type

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with the world, and understanding our diagnosis testing options is important for staying safe. There are two main types of COVID tests available:
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Rapid antigen test

Rapid antigen tests are typically less expensive than molecular tests, and can provide results within 15 minutes. However, a negative result from an antigen test sometimes needs to be confirmed by a more reliable type of test to ensure accuracy.
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Molecular test

Molecular tests utilize polymerase chain reaction or PCR testing that detects the presence of genetic material from the virus itself, providing higher accuracy than rapid antigen testing. Results usually take 24-48 hours depending on the laboratory conducting your test, but confirmations are more reliable due to their higher accuracy rate.

How does rapid COVID Test work?

Rapid COVID tests are designed to quickly detect the presence of particular substance or biomarker in a sample, such as nasal swab or saliva sample, to diagnose an infection.
  • Wash your hands before beginning any testing process. This will help reduce potential contamination and make sure the test results are accurate.
  • Take out one tube from the test kits you ordered and place it into the holder that comes with it. Collect the sample and then introduced it on strip or cartridge that serves as the device that will detect the presence of infection.
  • In a span of 15 minutes or less, the test device will display the results. This may take the form of a colour change or a digital readout.
  • The results will help healthcare professionals determine if the patient is COVID positive or negative.
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Advantages of rapid tests

Rapid testing is a win-win for both businesses and consumers alike. Here are a few reasons why:
Easy to perform
Rapid tests or COVID-19 testing is super easy to perform. No appointment needed, no wait time, or visit a government-approved testing site -- you can get the results fastat. This makes it easy for people to access the testing they need quickly.
Rapid tests are more affordable than traditional medical exams and lab work, allowing people to access quality care without breaking their budgets.
Quick result
The quick results give you more valuable time for anything else.This rapid turnaround time can help healthcare providers diagnose and treat infections more quickly, potentially reducing the spread of disease. Plus, it can accommodate to screen large number of people. Such early detection can prevent disease outbreak and will allow for timely public health interventions in containing the spread of the disease.
Accurate results
Accuracy wise, rapid tests provide reliable results that can help guide medical decisions and treatments.
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Are Rapid Antigen Tests Approved in Georgia?

As public health officials in Georgia work to keep the state safe and healthy, one of the most discussed topics is rapid testing. With flu season only a few months away, many people are wondering if these rapid tests will be available and approved in their area.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, health professionals are increasingly looking for ways of evaluation for the virus safely and accurately. Luckily, Georgia’s Department of Public Health has given approval for rapid antigen tests to be used across the state location.

Rapid antigen testing is an innovative way to quickly identify infectious diseases like COVID-19 with just a single sample. Thus, public health officials have been exploring the idea of providing a flu combo test that can detect both influenza and coronavirus, allowing individuals to get tested for both illnesses at once. This could provide greater efficiency when it comes to screening patients at testing sites across the state.

What to do if you tested positive for COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID- 19, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and your loved ones.
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Begin self-Isolation

It is important to begin self-isolation as soon as possible so you can prevent others from getting infected, even if you have no symptoms. Self-isolation means that you should not leave your home or room for any reason until you are free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Determine the day of exposure

The CDC recommends testing both yourself and your loved ones to determine the day of exposure. This will help you identify who may have been exposed and create a timeline for treatment.
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List and notify recent contacts

Make a list of all recent contacts that you and your family have had, including friends, co-workers, neighbours and others. Notify any recent contacts or community who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Continue self-isolation and monitor symptoms

Continue self-isolation for the next 24 hours. Do not leave your home or room , even if you feel better. Take your temperature every four hours and submit your details in a log book. If you have a fever above 100.4°F, seek immediate medical support.
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Where to buy rapid antigen testing devices in Georgia

If you are looking for a great experience on the purchase of rapid antigen testing devices in Georgia, then you have come to the right place! Whether you're an individual needing access to these essential testing tools or a business seeking them for your staff, Rapid Test & Trace USA has plenty to offer rapid antigen tests.

We provide fast and convenient tests with results available within minutes. Plus, our friendly staff of operators can help answer any questions regarding testing protocols or device usage.

We also offer free delivery on orders over $50 and easy online ordering for your convenience.

Welcome to Rapid Test & Trace family!

Apart from Georgia, we also serve and are located online in Orange County, Houston, Connecticut, Delaware, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Phoenix, Minnesota, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Contact us via voice mail at 800-231-9794 if you need more information about our services. You can also book a live COVID-19 testing.

PS: The best way to reach us is via web chat. Our online support is available 24/7.
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