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About Rapid Test & Trace US

Americans need
Mass Rapid Testing

Our mission is to democratize rapid testing within America, and beyond.

We began in Canada in late 2020 as a volunteer advocacy campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of rapid testing.

Initially worked as a coalition of academics, public health professionals, and medical specialists, in partnership with businesses in the health, hospitality, and cultural sectors and other concerned citizens, we petitioned governments to incorporate rapid antigen tests in their COVID defense strategies.

Unfortunately, COVID continued to spread. Governments were moving at glacial speed, and workplaces were demanding rapid testing solutions to avoid more lockdowns.

Canadian Experience Comes to America

Staying true to our mission, we felt the best way to quickly increase daily rapid testing was to facilitate the procurement process. In May 2021, we launched our online shop for rapid COVID tests in Canada. And now we’re offering our expertise to the USA.

Everyone Needs Rapid Tests

We’re proud that our store helps provide people around the world with a little peace of mind while coping with the challenges of a global pandemic.
Life during COVID-19 is stressful enough. You shouldn’t need to worry about where and how to access proper screening tools. Protect yourself and your business with rapid testing for COVID-19 at your workplace.

Order with confidence from Rapid Test & Trace USA. We only sell tests that are included on the FDA approved list and are happy to answer any questions you have about rapid testing. Contact us here.

Information Hub

With the new variants of concern spreading (even among vaccinated people), it seems the need for COVID testing will continue for the foreseeable future, in the USA and around the world. People will have questions about where to access rapid COVID tests. We will continue to develop our website as an information hub to help people find reference resources for COVID-19 information and prevention.

Who We Are

Please reach out to Sandy or Adam if you have any questions about our team and company.
Sandy White
Sandy White
Sandy is an entrepreneur in the real estate and hotel sectors, writer, and former political advisor. He is on the board of a rural hospital in Canada and was formerly an advisor to the federal Conservative government. He is eager to help protect people from COVID-19 and to safely reopen our society.
Adam Singfield
Adam Singfield
Adam is a marketing communications consultant with a background in stakeholder relations and public engagement. His work with small-medium businesses impacted by the pandemic has motivated him to take action. He aims to raise awareness about strategic rapid testing and how it can help stop the spread of COVID-19.
Harkeet Chadha 1
Harkeet Chadha
Harkeet is a life-long entrepreneur with expertise in supplier management, logistics, sales and business administration. He also has experience in real estate development and VC investment.

Don't Delay, Start Rapid Testing Today

Rapid testing is still a new concept for many Americans. Questions are normal. We’re happy to talk you through the options and help meet your testing needs.
Contact us today to learn how rapid testing can help identify COVID-19 cases and stop the spread.

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